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Chapter 1:
Web Project

Your group will produce a Web site either for a real client, a faculty member, a campus organization, or a pretend but realistic client. The instructor might have some clients in mind that need a Web site. Your proposal should include the following sections:
  • Client "Needs assessment." This should provide an overview of why the client needs a web site.

  • Target audience or market identification. Who is the client trying to reach? What are some of the characteristics of this group?

  • Web Site Objectives. What knowledge or feelings do they want to convey? What actions would they like the consumer to take?

Once the project is approved, you can proceed to create an actual Web site. At the end of the term, each group will present the instructor with a URL with the site address, or a diskette containing the site, along with an updated version of the proposal including the three items given above.

The project grade will be based on the following criteria:

  • Appropriateness of your site to task, function and target market; does it meet the objectives you specified in the proposal? Does it provide the benefit sought by the client?

  • Adherence to site and page design principles as discussed in the text and class.

  • Do all the links work?

  • Aesthetics; does it look good? Is it creative?

  • Effort; was it just thrown together or does it exhibit work on your group's part?

  • Originality; did your group create it or were parts of it borrowed from another web site?

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