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Chapter 1:

The Internet is naturally suited to information-rich or information-oriented products like books, CDs, financial services, software, or electronics. Companies like Gateway execute millions of dollars of orders per day on the Internet. And that is not even including the consumers who window shop on the net, and then call the 800 number.

As Christmas 1998 approached, bookseller found that its sales were running triple the rate of 1997 and it had trouble keeping up with the flood of orders!

Additional Information

Maddox, Kate (1999) "E-Commerce Hits It Big This Holiday," Advertising Age.

For information about online buying for the 1999 holiday season, visit these two sites:

  • PC Data Online presents the results of the Goldman Sachs/PC Data Online survey about online buying from the last week of October through the week of December 19, 1999.
  • EMarketer reports on Australian preferences for buying online this holiday season.

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