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Chapter 2 · What Exactly Is the Internet?


The Internet is the sum total of devices interconnected using the Internet Protocol.

The key events in the history of the Internet are the initial grant from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the invention of the World Wide Web, and the addition of a graphical user interface to the Web.

Information moves from one computer to another via packet routing which lets each piece make its own way from one part of the Internet to the next.

Computers can find one another by using the Domain Name Service (DNS).

The speed with which consumers can receive information can vary by a factor of 10,000 or more, depending on what type of Network access they have.


Email Assignment

Domain Name Service Assignment

Additional Information has a list of companies that will host Web sites.

Since November 1998 the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has been the organization charged with overseeing the registration of domain names on the Internet. The organization accredits "registrars," companies which have been approved to register .com, .org., and .net domain names. For a list of approved organizations, visit the ICANN site. One approved registrar is Network Solutions, the company that originally handled the task (prior to the creation of ICANN). You can visit Network Solutions' site and register a domain name for $70 per address for a two year period.

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