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Chapter 3 · Web Browser Software


The Web is an Internet service involving both client and server software. A Web browser is the client software.

The basic unit of Web navigation is the page. A Web page is a hypertext document. A user can navigate among and between pages by clicking on a hypertext link, clicking on the "back" arrow or button, typing in a Web address, or using menu bar commands.

A URL is the address for any Web page.


Marketers on the Net Assignment

Use your browser to explore a topic you are interested in. You can start with Yahoo Excite, Google, Infoseek or some other search engine site. Make sure you know

  1. Where to find the title bar, the menu bar and the tool bar
  2. How to go back to a previous page
  3. How to stop a page from loading
  4. How to minimize, maximize and restore your browser
  5. How to use the scrollbar
  6. How to go to a link
  7. How to enter a URL directly
  8. How to view the HTML for a page you are looking at
  9. How to save a page on your own disk
  10. How to save an image on your own disk
  11. How to return to a page in your "Go list"
  12. How to cut and paste an address

Additional Information

Netscape Navigator, Microsoft's Internet Explorer, and other browsers have a Help option on the menu bar. There is extensive information available under this menu option.

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