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Chapter 5 · How to Create a Web Page


Expert Web designers use HTML, the HyperText Markup Language.

An image or graphic on a Web page is a file containing that image.

The two most popular image formats are called gif and jpg (pronounced j-peg).

The gif format is used to store icons, animations, or graphics with a small number of colors. In the gif this format, colors are represented with 3 base 16 numbers. A chart such as the one on the BigNoseBird site can help you figure out the hex number scheme for a color you want to use. Simply pick a color and the chart gives you the associated hexadecimal numbers.

The jpg format is most useful for complex images, such as photographs, and for very intricate graphics.

An image map is a picture or icon that has links imbedded in it. Creating an image map is greatly facilitated with the use of a special program designed just for this purpose. One such program is MapEdit which has versions available for several platforms (Mac, Windows 3.1, Windows 95/98/NT, and Unix). The company offers a 30-day free trial. Free programs also are available for both the Mac OS (WebMap) and Windows (MapTHIS, available on the Big Nose Bird site).

Tiling is a very economical way to create a complex background. If an image is too small to fully fill the background, the image is tiled, or repeated, by the browser, until the page's background is completely filled with the repeated image.


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Web pages can be created using easy software tools like Microsoft's FrontPage, Adobe's Pagemill, or the Composer program that comes as part of Netscape Communicator. Microsoft Word can also be used.

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