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Chapter 11:
Search For a Digital Camera Assignment

Pretend to be a web page developer wanting to buy a digital camera to be used for creating web graphics. Note that a digital camera does not use film. Instead, it can create a disk file ready to be edited directly for use on a web page. Try to act like a potential business consumer might act in looking for such a camera.
  1. Which make and model did you select?
  2. Describe what you did to find this camera.
  3. How did you select the camera you chose? What considerations went into it?
  4. What attributes did you consider important? How did this camera fare on these attributes?
  5. Did you use a compensatory decision rule (allowing the strength of some attributes to compensate for weaknesses in other attributes) or a noncompensatory decision rule (such as buying the cheapest camera you could find)?
  6. Did the design of the web sites make the evaluation and comparison process easier or more difficult?

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