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Chapter 19 · The Digital Future


Market making is a prototype of the way the Internet grows and changes the world.

It could be a different world when Internet video is as common as email.

Software agents may someday go wandering about the net doing our shopping legwork.

Do we dare extrapolate the size of the net?

Many analysts think that bandwidth will explode.


Assuming that computing power, the number of computers attached to the Internet, and bandwidth keep growing at the present rate, let's extrapolate to 2008. By that time the Internet would consist of a billion or so supercomputer class devices interconnected at rates which would allow theatre quality video. How will that impact the economy of the planet? (If you can answer that, please let the rest of us know!)

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Additional Information

McCann, John (1996) " Cyber Trends", Duke University.

You can also get a sense for a possible future by reading more of George Gilder. His writings appear in the venue Forbes ASAP which was created just for him.

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